You deserve nothing

I have been coming up against an attitude that has just been pissing me off lately: “I wrote about you on such-and-such site and now I deserve a reward.”  This can be as complicated as a blog post to something as simple as a Foursquare check-in. Well, I have news for all of you people… You deserve nothing.

Well, almost nothing. A simple thank you is enough and then the business should surely be on their merry way.

But I’m mayor of your shop and I’ve blasted ten gajillion check-ins to my bajillion Twitter followers and Facebook friends. That’s nice. Did you actually say anything interesting when blasting that check-in out? Did you tell them about how we’re famous for our cream pies? Or that we have karaoke on Tuesdays? No? I didn’t think so. I have some news for you: What you did is called white noise and your followers’ eyes flitted past it as quickly as I am going to walk away from you now.

But I’m going to create awesome content for you. That’s fantastic. What is your experience in creating this content? What successful campaigns have you been a part of? None? Hmmm… Well, I’ll be nice and help out with some freebies, but no, I won’t do more. You’re still establishing this thing called a reputation. Maybe say thank you since I’m allowing you some access to my company to establish that relationship?

But I have all of these followers and friends! Congratulations. I bet your parents are proud, but anybody can accumulate people. Can you turn these people into buyers? You don’t know? But you’re sure these people depend on your advice? Well, I think I’m going to go with this person over here that has their crap together. See, they just showed me their past proven successes, because yes, that can be measured. And since I’m in business, I’m going to go with the person that measures and shows the results they can get.

Remember, those of us that you are trying to get a reward off of are in business. We are trying to make a buck. We are going to do things that make financial sense. And well, taking a chance on someone that can’t prove anything that they do provides actual, measurable results? That just doesn’t make financial sense. Get over it and start acting like you’re in business if this is what you want to do.


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