What is a DMO’s purpose on social media?

We should all be working a strategy like we work a two dollar whore.  But I know some of us are just winging it.  So during a discussion I was having on Twitter, it was brought up that Twitter should be for DMO to consumer communication to influence the decision-making process.  I gotta say I disagree here.  I think the major purpose behind a DMOs use of all social media channels is to foster peer to peer communications (where most decisions get made) and to create a stronger relationship with those that have already bought what you’re selling (making them want to come back for more).  Agree? Disagree? Would love to hear some thoughts on this.


2 Responses to “What is a DMO’s purpose on social media?”

  1. badflags Says:

    Isn’t it both? People are going to main web pages less and less, and looking for information in social media instead. I think you’re absolutely right that DMOs need to foster peer-to-peer conversations about things in their area, but they also have to be a resource for people looking for something to do. Social media is another touchpoint to provide valuable information that may influence someone’s travel decision.

    • decillis Says:

      I think what you’re talking about though is the information that would be included in the latter category (those that have already bought what you’re selling). I probably should be more clear about what that category is. It would include people that have already chosen to have a relationship with you either by a follow or a like. So they have bought into the relationship, but not necessarily the product. And how do they get there? I argue that it’s through the peer to peer. I rarely go out looking for more people to follow, but if say my friend tells me how great an account is, I would tend to check it out. And if it is providing good solid information to keep me coming back, then that would persuade me to enter the buying process.

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