New System for Links on Facebook

This is going to right along with my post about realizing what your followers screens look like.  Have you realized that Facebook is now handling posted links differently?  And that this has an effect on how effective your campaigns are?  For example, it used to be that a fan page would post a link to their event.  One of the fans would go, “Oooo, that’s a good event that my friends would be interested in.  I should post it too.”  So they would post it on their wall and the two posts would be separate.  That is no more.

What happens now is that every time the link gets posted by someone that you are friends with or a fan of, that link shows up in your timeline with the added comments from every one of your friends or pages that has posted that specific link.   Um, holy problems Batman.

I know it sounds great that we all have just one item that we want to draw attention to on a particular link, but that is not always the case.  Sometimes we change what is on a page and sometimes we have more than one item on a page.  What if I have to use that link again to promote something else?  I don’t really want my comments or the comments of others about another item to muck up my latest promotion.

Also, what if we decide that the current way that we are talking about an item or event is just not working.  We want to take a left turn.  We want to make it new and exciting.  Well, there really is no way of abandoning our previous tactic if our previous comments are going to be sitting right there along with our new comments.

Yes, to solve some of these issues we can delete our previous posts, but forcing me to go through every post to make sure I have not used that link before is not cool.  And there really is nothing I can do about what other people have posted.  It’s not like I can figure out every single person that has ever posted that link and ask them to delete their comments.  That is beyond uncool, there isn’t even a word.

So what do we do?  I honestly have no answers.  Do you?


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