The Art of Making People Feel Special

I am way late to the crowd of people that tripped over themselves to blog about the Old Spice campaign, but let’s just ignore that.  Let’s concentrate on the fact that we all loved that campaign instead.  The idea of a ridiculous character delivering personalized videos to people was oh my God genius.  And let’s all admit that we all participated in some way.  I personally asked the Old Spice Man a very special question: My man uses Old Spice so why isn’t he as manly and awesome as you are?  Alas, I wasn’t one of the lucky few that got their question(s) answered.

So what can we in the tourism or association industry take away from this madness?  Well there were multiple takeaways, but the most important, in my opinion, is that people like to feel special.  In fact, just the anticipation that we might be special enough to get our answer question kept us glued to the videos.  Yes, we wanted to see his answers, but we also wanted to see our name up in bright lights.

I think this is a very good point to draw on for your social media strategy.  How do you make your followers, fan, etc. feel special?  The part of my strategy that accomplishes that involves highlighting two members a week (one on Twitter and one on Facebook).  Not only does this give me a chance to show off something that they’re doing right, but it also allows me to get a bit more of a buy-in from them because I took that second to single them out.  This could mean that they decide to follow me or it could mean that they become more responsive to my tweets.  Total wins on my end.  But it also lets others know that they’re out there and are doing great things.  Total wins for them.

So what do you guys do to achieve that special feeling?

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