Thank God for Breaks

Here’s just a few thoughts about what I learned from taking a weekend off from social media:

  1. Foursquare is kind of necessary to my life now:  I get lost a lot.  Most people use Google maps or some variation to find where they’re going.  Me?  I use Foursquare.  I don’t need a correct address and I can still get at least a general idea of how close I am.  This came in handy when I was given a bum address over the weekend, but I was still in the vicinity of where I needed to be.  Only wasted a moderate amount of time instead of driving in circles hoping that I was close.  This was the lone time that I cheated on the blackout.
  2. I didn’t feel as tempted as I thought I would: I was sick and in bed most of the weekend so I was nervous about how bad the temptation would get.  After I turned everything off though, it was nice.  I had some quality time with the boyfriend and the cat.  I actually watched tv instead of using it as background noise.  I wrote.  I read.  I was taking everything in and not trying to do ten things at once.  It felt good.
  3. I didn’t miss much: The important things were easily relayed to me.  The rest?  Not so important.  I don’t need to know everything and it’s probably healthier that I stop trying to.
  4. I still could talk to people: I don’t leave my networks just on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media site.  I tend to get emails and phone numbers.  I was still very much in touch with people that I couldn’t pass a weekend without.
  5. The boyfriend is funnier when he’s not scared that I’m going to post it on Facebook: Our conversations over the weekend were hysterical.  They usually are, but they were taken to a whole new level of funny.  I don’t know for sure that this was intentional but I do know I laughed a lot more this past weekend than I normally do.
  6. I need to do this more often: This may become a monthly ritual.  Mental health breaks are good for you and I definitely need more of them.

So basically, I feel so much better than I did last week.  I like what I do on social media and this weekend really confirmed to me that I’m doing it right by my standards.  The fact that I had a deluge of questions Monday morning about how to do several things also confirmed this.  So now, enough of this… We’ll be getting back to the juicy stuff now.

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