SoMe Burnout

So on Sunday, I started working on getting this blog up and running again.  I was doing it out of more of an obligation to this project, because I felt like I couldn’t work on another project with a clean conscience until this one was up and running again.  So naturally, I was doing my usual must-do-500-things-at-once and had True Blood on at the same time.  As a joke, I announced to my Twitter followers that I might make a left turn in my post and start randomly talking about vampires.  That joke ended up starting a funny little conversation.

At first, some friends voiced their disappointment that the post did not in fact include vampires.  Then, one of them piped up with, “Do you know what would be cool?  A post on SoMe vampires.”  This was soon followed up with a definition (those that suck the fun out of our social media life) and a list of the types of people that fit that description.  The most comical type that was brought up was of course happy people.  And yes, people that are constantly happy on Twitter do make me want to stab a puppy.

The result of this conversation was that I realized that I’m not alone.  I’m burnt out and a lot of the people that I admire seem to feel the same.  I don’t know if any of us can point to something exact, but I do think it may have something to do with an influx of rude people.  Everyone I’m close to on Twitter LOVES to teach.  I think all of us have a healthy respect for the fact that if this is to go on, we need to pass on what we know.  Unfortunately, this has meant that we have left ourselves open to be taken advantage of and to be criticized for the positions we put ourselves in.  I don’t think this is the only issue, but I think it might be part of the problem.

Whatever it is, this means that we start cocooning ourselves into our happy little groups where no one will bother us.  Even though this makes us happy, it’s bad.  Very, very bad.  It means that we are not going outside of ourselves as much to seek inspiration and then we get less and less in touch with what is practical.  It also means that we are less likely to teach unless forced and so the cocoon gets tighter.

On this note, I am taking the weekend off from just about all channels.  That does not mean that I’m really taking time off from social media.  I am actually going to start writing for a creative writing blog that I hope to debut next week.  I am allowing that only because that is the only idea that really energizes me right now.  As for the rest, I hope taking a couple of days away will bring me back to you as excited as I used to be.

(This is probably a post that should not have been written.  I want to note that the vast majority of people I interact with on my various networks are inspiring and amazing people.  I especially love watching the newbies as they discover all of the things they can do on the particular channels.  I can’t wait to be refreshed enough to appreciate your awesomeness again!)

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