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Realizing what your followers screens look like

June 1, 2010

The one thing everybody realizes about me is that I get easily excited.  This condition is getting exacerbated lately, because I am lucky enough to work with amazing people and on really cool things.  So I want to shout out ALL THE TIME.  Imagine if I did that in real life.  Every time I am around you, it is just this wall of brags about how I am doing this or that.  Many companies are just doing that when they are talking on social media.

I don’t think any of this is being done purposely.  In fact, I talked to one CVB that was surprised to find out that that was a big no no.  What I do think is that you guys get so excited when you get on that you don’t realize that you sometimes need to push that all important pause button.

The worse case scenario is that you are doing this on Facebook.  Let’s say that you have five events and you want to tell your fans.  Well, if you post all five events at once in separate posts, they all collapse and only one will show.  Not cool.  If you combine them into one post, then you are talking about too much and it will be difficult to engage you in that post.  An unengaged post is a post that is not working to pass on your message.

My solution for this is to start your week and write down everything you will want to brag about on Facebook that week.  Then create a schedule and spread out the posts throughout the week.  I would suggest your schedule have no more than two Facebook posts a day, with each post being at a different time of day.  This way, you can add when something comes up and not worry about posting excessively.

This is less of a problem on Twitter, because if you post ten tweets, all ten tweets will post on your followers’ feeds.  But… you don’t want to be that guy.  By tweeting ten successive tweets, your followers are being given ten messages that are competing amongst themselves for attention.  If that weren’t bad enough, then they are forced to choose from the ten messages to engage with.  Most likely, your followers are not going to choose and will look at that wall of tweets with disdain.  So instead of communicating everything, you have instead communicated nothing.

This is an easy fix and once again, it’s going to require that terrible s-word.  Make a plan and schedule your tweets to appear throughout the day.  Both Hootsuite and TweetDeck (amongst other choices) will let you schedule your tweets for later and make it virtually painless.  You can schedule all of your informational tweets and then your conversational tweets can be done impromptu, especially since these will not be broadcast to all of your followers.

All in all, just be aware of what your followers are going to be looking at (or not looking at) when you are posting.  And if you have a question as to what is getting through, ASK!  The one thing that we in this space are not lacking in is an opinion on what YOU are doing.