Unplug Your Twitter & Let It Run Free!

There is someone going around telling people to plug their Twitter account into their Facebook account to save time.  If I find out who this person is, I plan on hitting them.  Yes, hit and it will be hard.

Here’s why this is the lamest time saving solution of all:

  1. It generates a link that ties the Twitter post to the Facebook post, so when someone goes to find out more information about the event you are talking about, they are directed to, not the event page, but the Facebook post.  In other words, you are making consumers click twice.  This is especially annoying for comsumers that check their Twitter on their mobile phone.
  2. Most people that do this do not check their mention feed.  In other words, you are not seeing when people try to engage you in conversation over the event or when they are asking for a tip about your location.  You are missing out on BIG time opportunities to engage your followers and make them lifelong consumers.
  3. You are most likely not actively trying to engage your consumers and are only engaging in push marketing.  And by actively trying to engage, I mean doing Twitter searches for when your business is mentioned on Twitter and talking to those tweeps that are talking about you.  You are missing out on opportunities to correct misinformation, bad experiences or to direct them to where their questions can get answered.  Once again, missing out on making lifelong consumers.

If you are really concerned about time limitations, I have a solution for you.  Schedule your tweets ahead of time.  There are many solutions out there that will do this for you and you will be able to do it when you have those free minutes.  What is even better is that this will then provide you the ability to have a Twitter strategy that is planned ahead rather than flying by the seat of your pants.

After your tweets are scheduled, you can then concentrate your social media time on checking your mentions, your Twitter searches and engaging people.  This last part is where you win at social media.  So who is going to unplug their Twitter account first?

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